Your day-by-day itinerary

small village with outdoor restaurant

Days 1-4

Experience Luang Prabang

Step into a heady, spiritual world of golden spires, saffron-robed monks, frangipani flowers and crumbling French mansions. Prepare to be instantly caught in the spell of Luang Prabang, a heartwarming place slung along the banks of the Mekong River. You’ll spend four days getting lost in the magic of Luang Prabang, watching monks file into the temples at sunrise and floating down the Mekong at sunset.

Kayak Between Limestone Peaks

Days 4-7

Kayak Between Limestone Peaks

Glide along a rippling rural river between jungle-topped karst mountains, explore hidden caves and meet the friendly locals in tiny, traditional villages. When it comes to scenery, Vang Vieng is a real showstopper, clinging to the banks of the beautiful Nam Song river and flanked by emerald peaks. You’ll spend two nights in Vang Vieng, staying in a modern bungalow and go trekking and kayaking around the local area to learn about the traditions and culture with the stunning backdrop of the limestone cliffs.

Waterfalls in south Laos

Days 7-9

Waterfalls and Rainforests of the Bolaven Plateau

Escape into a lush, tropical rainforest peppered with plunging waterfalls, gaze down into emerald gorges and trek through the wilderness of the Bolaven Plateau. Sleep in a secluded bungalow near a gushing waterfall, meet minority tribes and feel lost in the rainforest. During this trip, you can explore the rainforest at your own pace. You’ll stay in a lodge with crashing waterfall views.

ruin of temple

Days 9-12

Islands in the Mekong

Float between the 4000 Islands, where time almost stands still. Impossibly laid-back and seriously daydreamy, it’s somewhere that has to be seen to be believed. Some islands are tiny specks, while others contain forests and mountains. In rainy season, many are totally submerged, appearing only when water levels recede. You’ll spend two nights on Don Khon, one of the larger islands in the cluster, where you can explore the rice paddies by bicycle, swinging in a hammock and soaking up the slow pace of life.

two monks next to a tuk-tuk

Days 12-14

Vive Vientiane

Explore Vientiane, a sleepy, scenic capital curled around a bend in the Mekong River, packed with tuk-tuks, French bakeries and friendly monks. Marvel at temples crammed with thousands of Buddha statues, watch daily life unfold over a croissant in a pavement cafe and stroll along the riverfront. Vientiane feels more like a village than a capital city, with laid-back locals and a languid pace of life. During this trip, you’ll explore the city’s cuisine on a food tour through the colourful markets.


Speak to our Laos specialist, Miles

“Laos is a real winner for anyone looking for a mix of culture, nature and tasty cuisine. Visiting the falls outside Luang Prabang is my favourite excursion - it’s a ‘must do’ experience and my customers highly recommend it too!”

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