Your day-by-day itinerary

Arrival on Samosir Island

Day 1

Arrival on Samosir Island

Your driver will take you all the way to Parapat where you’ll board the ferry to Samosir Island. The deep, dark lake is surrounded by densely wooded mountains, with traditional Batak houses sticking out above the green treetops. Your accommodation is situated directly on the banks of Lake Toba in a room with a breezy balcony and wonderful views across the lake.

Traditional building

Days 2-4

Free time & Departure

As you explore the island over the next couple of days, you’ll find typical Batak houses and get an idea of how the local people live. Tomok is the most important village on the island and a brilliant place to see wooden Batak houses with ritual graves and unique tombs. For local culture, pay a visit to Simanindo village, where you can watch the daily Batak dance performances accompanied by homemade instruments.  Bicycles are available for hire on the island if you’d like to use pedal power to get around.

In the evenings, try some local Indonesian specialties in one of the little restaurants lining the roads of Tuk-Tuk, before sitting back and watching the sun go down over the lake.

The fourth day, your Samosir trip comes to an end and you’ll take the ferry crossing back to Parapat, from where you’ll continue your Sumatran adventure.

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