Day 1

Bukit Lawang to Tangkahan

This morning, you’ll cross the local hanging bridge to find your 4WD waiting on the other side of the river. You’ll drive deeper and deeper into the jungle, for 4-5 hours to secluded Tangkahan, where you’ll stay in a rustic wooden bungalow in the heart of the jungle. While there’s hardly any electricity and no warm water, it’s incredible to be completely immersed in the rainforest.

Sumatran Jungle & Departure

Days 2-3

Sumatran Jungle & Departure

After breakfast you’ll head out tubing down the river, surrounded by beautiful jungle with the occasional monkey looking on. It’s a gentle ride, but there will be a guide with you just in case. At the end, you’ll take a refreshing dive and enjoy a mini picnic, before walking along the river and through plantations back to your lodge. In the afternoon there is time to hang in your hammock or the hot spring. The next day your jungle trip comes to an end and you’ll get ready for your next adventure.

Meaningful Travel

Meaningful Travel

The elephant camp in Tangkahan is popular with the small number of tourists who come to this part of Sumatra, offering the chance to get close to and even wash these gentle giants.  However, by selling trips which offer direct contact with elephants there is a risk of increasing the demand for such activities.  This concerns us, as in parts of the world it can lead to captively bred animals who are made to behave in a way which is not their nature.  Whilst we cannot be sure about whether that is the case in this remote area, and will not stop customers from making their own choices once there, after consulting with the World Society for the Protection of Animals we took the decision in November 2016 to no longer offer activities in Sumatra giving direct contact with elephants.

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A peek at your accommodation

Meaningful Travel
View inside a jungle lodge in Indonesia
Meaningful Travel

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