Your day-by-day itinerary

Arrival in Sembalun & Trek

Day 1

Arrival in Sembalun & Trek

You’ll set off from Sembalun to the crater rim early this morning; the climb takes 6-7 hours. It begins with an easy walk, but as the summit gradually comes into view the path gets steeper. Towards sunset, you’ll reach the crater rim where you’ll be treated to a hot meal. Enjoy a magical sunset across the mountain rim as the sun dips below the horizon and feel the cold breeze on your face.

view of rinjani volcano in indonesia

Day 2

Rinjani trek

After breakfast on the volcanic slopes, your trek continues to the Crater Lake. There are several hot springs at the bottom where you can soothe your aching muscles in preparation for the next climb. After lunch, you’ll climb up to the crater rim again, though this time along the other side of the volcano. You’ll spend another night in a tent on the crater rim under starry skies.

Descent to Senaru & Departure

Days 3-4

Descent to Senaru & Departure

Today, you’ll have the option to climb to the summit of Rinjani. If you choose the climb, you’ll wake up at 3am for a hefty 1000m ascent. If you’re skipping the summit, you can simply snooze until the rest of the group gets back before beginning the 7-hour walk down to the small village of Senaru. At the end of your adventure, you’ll definitely appreciate your comfortable hotel in Senaru.

The next day, your trip comes to end and you’ll continue your adventure. After all your hard work, why not hop over to a tropical island?

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