Your day-by-day itinerary

Bandung to Lembang

Day 1

Bandung to Lembang

Bandung was once a small pretty colonial town with wide boulevards and elegant colonial houses. However, due to its popularity over the years the city has expanded significantly. For this reason we’ll arrange for you to stay outside Bandung, in the nearby picturesque town of Lembang. Your resort has a large swimming pool, which is ideal to cool off in after a tour of the tea plantations.


Days 2-3

Tea Plantation Tour & Departure

Today you’ll explore the volcanic hills that circle Bandung and Lembang. You’ll get a first hand look into one of the biggest tea factories in West Java and the equipment used to produce the famous high quality tea of the Bandung region. Many of the methods used are the same as as the old methods from Dutch colonization. You’ll be able to see all the stages of the production process, from leaf to cup.

The next day you’ll continue travelling through mystical Java.

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