Your day-by-day itinerary

Arrival at Bali Homestay

Day 1

Arrival at Bali Homestay

When you arrive at the Bali homestay, your hosts will show you your simple, clean room. There’s no air-conditioning, but up in the hills the air is fresh and crisp, so you’re unlikely to miss it. During your stay, you’ll be treated to home-cooked meals. As you tuck into your delicious food and gaze out across the flower-filled valley you can’t help but fall in love with the place.

Guided Walk & Departure

Days 2-3

Guided Walk & Departure

This morning, you’ll head out with a local guide into the endless rice paddies, where you’ll see farmers working in the fields. The terrain here is pretty steep, so the climb can be vigorous at times. You’ll come across the odd village; look up into the palm trees and you’ll see people picking coconuts or ‘pumping’ wine. It’s quite something to behold.

The next day your homestay comes to an end and you’ll get ready to continue your journey through Bali.

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