We believe that good things happen when we travel. When both you and the destination you visit, benefit in some way. You’ll find that Indonesia has some of the most beautiful landscapes in South-East Asia, from the rumbling volcanoes of Java to the soft white sands of Lombok and the Gilis. And we want to keep it that way. So we like to make sure we’re looking after the environment wherever possible. But how?

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Our trips

We really encourage our customers to get close to the country they’re visiting, and travelling to Indonesia is no different. Located in ‘off the beaten track’ Bali, you’ll find the home of a welcoming family with simple guestrooms overlooking the sprawling paddy fields. During your stay here, you’ll be welcomed as part of the family, go trekking through the spectacular hills, visit local villages and experience genuine Balinese family life.

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Our accommodation in Indonesia

We believe that to really immerse yourself in another country you should stay in accommodation that truly reflects your surroundings. So we specialise in small-scale, authentic accommodation wherever possible, full of local charm. Whether it’s a jungle lodge in the Sumatran jungle or a stylish beach resort in Bali, we always aim to choose somewhere with character.

Accommodation in Indonesia

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Our local Indonesia project

In all our destinations we like to support a local project to give something back. In Indonesia, we’re proud to support Project Child, which has been set up to support vulnerable communities. They also work with elementary schools in Yogyakarta, Pacitan and West Papua to provide their Drinking Water Program and develop their Internet Literacy Program.

Local Project in Indonesia

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Our local partner in Indonesia

We work with a local partner in Indonesia who supports our ethos. Along with our team in the UK, they’re always on the lookout for interesting and authentic experiences. We also only use local Indonesian guides and drivers during all our excursions, even on the more remote islands like Sumatra and Flores. Not only does this make for a more rewarding experience, it helps to put money into the pockets of the local people. You’ll also have a chance to learn a few local words from them – ideal for bartering at the markets.

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Our Indonesia travel specialists

Our Indonesia travel specialists have travelled extensively across Indonesia. From the ancient temples of Java, along the gorgeous coast of Bali and all the way through remote Flores. They’ve sampled the huge variety of flavours in Indonesia, sunk their toes into the white sand of the Gili Islands and gone in search of the elusive Komodo dragon. They’re eager to share their love of Indonesia so that you can get the most out of your trip.

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“From the moment I first stepped off the plane, I was swept away by Indonesia’s charm and beauty- so much so, that I’ve since lost count of how many times I’ve been! It’s got beaches, cultural wonders, wildlife & warm weather. What’s not to love?”

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