Your day-by-day itinerary

Motoring Around Medan - Sumatra

Days 1-3

Motoring Around Medan - Sumatra

You will begin your Sumatra trip in Medan. When you arrive you’ll be transferred to your hotel located outside of the bustling city centre to give yourself a couple of days to acclimatise after your flight. During your stay you’ll be picked up by your becak (motorised sidecar) driver and taken through the local countryside and villages with a guide. They will take you to a family home where they make homemade banana chips and donuts they sell on the street and you can even have a go at making some yourself!

orangutan baby and mother

Days 3-5

Swinging with the Apes

Take a walk on the wild side, trekking through dense Sumatran jungle and crossing rushing rivers to meet playful orangutans swinging between the treetops. Spend 2 days exploring Gunung Leuser National Park staying in a small hotel on the edge of the rainforest. Hike into the heart of the jungle, wobble across wooden bridges and scramble between the trees, eventually arriving at the optimum spot to witness semi-wild orangutans.

A night in Medan

Days 5-6

A night in Medan

Tonight you will spend another night in your Medan hotel before your flight to Yogyakarta.


Days 6-9

Wonders of Yogja - Java

Watch the sun rise over giant buddhas buried in the misty morning jungle at Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world. Wander between the stupas in the soft purples of dawn, the air thick with mysticism and a touch of magic. You’ll stay in Yogyakarta, the cultural heart of Java. Before dawn, you’ll set off to Borobudur to catch the sunrise. It really is something quite special.

Like a Local - Yogyakarta

Day 8

Like a Local - Yogyakarta

During your stay in Yogya you’ll experience the nightlife just like a local on your excursion to Alun-alun Kidul. From eating lesehan to pedaling on a colourful becak or playing the Masangin game with local inhabitants, you can soak up the fun atmosphere like any other Indonesian. End your night sipping a freshly brewed cup of coffee or an ice-cold beer with cakes and snacks.

Rumbling Bromo

Days 9-13

Rumbling Bromo

Journey from Yogyakarta to Mount Bromo, Java’s most photogenic volcano with a perfectly-shaped cinder cone. En route, you’ll amble around the Hindu temple of Prambanan, get a taste of local life staying in a small village, hike through fertile green plantations and climb the curling scenic road to the volcanoes. Sunrise at Bromo is something quite staggering. Prepare to be knocked sideways.

green rice paddies in indonesia ubud

Days 13-17

Tumbling Rice Paddies of Ubud - Bali

Ubud is the bohemian centre of Bali, an atmospheric world of small artist studios, yoga schools, restaurants and cafes. Spend three nights ambling amongst the rice terraces that flow down the hills and into the valleys like rich green waterfalls. Watch daily life unfold in authentic villages, learn about coffee production and soak up the inspiring spirit of the place.

In Search of the Dragon - Komodo

Days 17-19

In Search of the Dragon - Komodo

Seek out giant Komodo dragons on the mystical islands of Rinca and Komodo. Following your guide, you’ll set out on foot to find the largest reptile on the planet, so keep your eyes peeled at all times. Staying on nearby Flores, you’ll take a boat trip to Komodo and Rinca, tiny islands topped with forested hills and packed with astounding wildlife.

Colorful boats on the beach

Days 19-21

Beaches of Southern Bali

Snooze on the sand, stroll on the beach, indulge in a spa treatment (or two) and soak up the tropical sunshine in Sanur, a southern beach with a village feel and a deliciously drowsy vibe. It’s a great place to end a busy trip to Bali, with narrow beaches, spa treatments and seafood by the bucket-load. Stretch out by the pool, take a leisurely walk along the beach and grab a cocktail at sunset. Simple.


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