Your day-by-day itinerary


Days 1-3

Wonders of Yogya

Watch the sun rise over giant buddhas buried in the misty morning jungle at Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple complex in the world. Wander between the stupas in the soft purples of dawn, the air thick with mysticism and a touch of magic. You’ll stay in Yogyakarta, the cultural heart of Java. Before dawn, you’ll set off to Borobudur to catch the sunrise. It really is something quite special.

Rumbling Bromo

Days 3-6

Rumbling Bromo

Journey from Yogyakarta to Mount Bromo, Java’s most photogenic volcano with a perfectly-shaped cinder cone. En route, you’ll amble around the Hindu temple of Prambanan, get a taste of local life staying in a small village, hike through fertile green plantations and climb the curling scenic road to the volcanoes. Sunrise at Bromo is something quite staggering. Prepare to be knocked sideways.

Traditional Klotok Boat in Palangkaraya, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Days 6-9

Drifting Downstream in Kalimantan

After you land in Palangkaraya, you’ll be transferred to one of the modern hotels for the night and your adventure will start in the morning when your driver takes you to the port. The next couple of nights you will live a true explorer’s life aboard a traditional boat (klotok) while venturing to the heart of Central Kalimantan. With only a handful of cabins, a viewing deck and an outside dining area, your floating hotel is cosy and comfortable, and sights and sounds of the lush jungle around will add a touch of magic to this experience.

Orangutans in Kalimantan, Indonesia

Cruising down the winding jungle river, you will spot wildlife, canoe around the picturesque lakes and meet indigenous Dayak people, native to Borneo. But what makes this trip really special for most wildlife enthusiasts is a visit to Bapallas island, where Orangutans are released for the final stage of the rehabilitation programme. Seeing these fascinating primates swing between the trees in their natural habitat will no doubt be one of the many highlights of your adventure.

Colorful boats on the beach

Days 9-12

Beaches of Southern Bali

Snooze on the sand, stroll on the beach, indulge in a spa treatment (or two) and soak up the tropical sunshine in Sanur, a southern beach with a village feel and a deliciously drowsy vibe. It’s a great place to end a busy trip to Bali, with narrow beaches, spa treatments and seafood by the bucket-load. Stretch out by the pool, take a leisurely walk along the beach and grab a cocktail at sunset. Simple.


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“From the moment I first stepped off the plane, I was swept away by Indonesia’s charm and beauty- so much so, that I’ve since lost count of how many times I’ve been! It’s got beaches, cultural wonders, wildlife & warm weather. What’s not to love?”

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