Your day-by-day itinerary

green rice paddies in indonesia ubud

Days 1-3

Tumbling Rice Paddies of Ubud

Ubud is the bohemian centre of Bali, an atmospheric world of small artist studios, yoga schools, restaurants and cafes. Spend two nights ambling amongst the rice terraces that flow down the hills and into the valleys like rich green waterfalls. Watch daily life unfold in authentic villages, learn about coffee production and soak up the inspiring spirit of the place.

Snorkeling trip in Maumere, Flores

Days 3-5

Sun, Sand and Snorkels

On arrival in Maumere you’ll be transferred to your comfortable, locally run hotel right next the beach, along the coast from the town itself. The hotel has a pool, restaurant and good snorkeling straight from the beach – everything you need for a relaxing stay! During your time here we’ll arrange a boat trip which takes you a little away from the coast, and to some of the best and most untouched snorkelling spots in the area. The rest of your time here is free to sit back and enjoy.

Remote Flores

Days 5-9

Remote Flores

Trek to rainbow crater lakes, explore bamboo forests and meet the local tribespeople of remote Flores. Soak in natural hot springs and scale smoking volcanoes. While it’s short on tourists, it’s big on scenery, timeless tribal rituals and a culture which is entirely unique and incredibly welcoming.


Over five days, you’ll travel from the east to the west of Flores, meaning ‘The Cape of Flowers’. It’s a rustic adventure with staggering landscapes and eye-opening local traditions. The island is home to a number of ethnic groups still living in partial isolation, as well as endless spice plantations, cascading rice paddies and flower-filled valleys.

In Search of the Dragon

Days 9-11

In Search of the Dragon

Seek out giant Komodo dragons on the mystical islands of Rinca and Komodo. Following your guide, you’ll set out on foot to find the largest reptile on the planet, so keep your eyes peeled at all times. Staying on nearby Flores, you’ll take a boat trip to Komodo and Rinca, tiny islands topped with forested hills and packed with astounding wildlife.

Seafood and Sunshine

Days 11-14

Seafood and Sunshine

Pull up a seat at a rickety seafood warung for a blazing Balinese sunset on Jimbaran, a crescent bay with gentle surf, local markets and real character. South of the hedonistic beaches of Kuta, Jimbaran has a relaxed vibe, sizzling seafood grills and some of the best sunsets in Bali. It’s the perfect place to end a Bali trip. Collapse on a lounger, bodysurf in the foam and soak up the tropical sunshine.


Speak to our Indonesia specialist, Miles

“From the moment I first stepped off the plane, I was swept away by Indonesia’s charm and beauty- so much so, that I’ve since lost count of how many times I’ve been! It’s got beaches, cultural wonders, wildlife & warm weather. What’s not to love?”

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