Your day-by-day itinerary

green rice paddies in indonesia ubud

Days 1-4

Tumbling Rice Paddies of Ubud

Explore the green heart of Bali, crammed with arty culture and ringed by emerald rice paddies. Ubud is an atmospheric world of small artist studios, yoga schools, restaurants and cafes. During this trip, you’ll spend two nights among the rice terraces that flow down the hills and into the valleys like rich green waterfalls. You’ll take a cycling trip through these verdant hills.

Local Balinese family smiling for the camera

Days 4-5

Bali Homestay in the Hills

Take a glimpse into the real Bali with a homestay tucked away in the hills. Meet the villagers, taste home-cooked meals and trek through the rich green valleys. It’s a wonderful, warm-hearted way to get a feel for daily life in Bali, where the views are beautiful and the people even more so. You’ll spend the night amidst some of Bali’s most stunning scenery.


Days 5-6

The Water Palace and the Temple

Sleep in a water palace amidst lush green rice paddies and rippling rivers. Trek along ridges between rice terraces and try home-brewed wine in the local village. It’s a beautiful and surreal place to spend the night, hidden in the hills, scattered with statues and circled by holy waters. Tirtagangga literally means ‘water from the Ganges’ and there’s certainly a serene, spiritual tinge to the place.

Sunset on Lovina beach Indonesia

Days 6-8

Lazing in Lovina

Lovina is home to a handful of fisherman and a sea full of shrimp, so you’ll head out on afternoon trip with one of them to try your hand at reeling in the local catch. Unlike the beaches of the south, Lovina is a peaceful stretch of dark volcanic sand with real Balinese character. The pace is slow, the seafood is fresh off the boat and the snorkelling is second to none.

Munduk and the Temple Lake

Days 8-10

Munduk and the Temple Lake

Discover a breezy highland world of misty mountains, forest waterfalls and serene temple lakes in Munduk, a hilltop retreat with heaps of local character. Trek through the valleys and orchards, soak up the gorgeous views and suck in the cool mountain air. Follow scenic trails through vanilla, coffee and clove plantations to glimmering lakes and visit island temples in the hills.

Balangan beach Bali, Indonesia

Days 10-12

Surfing on Paradise Beach

Relax on hidden bays between rocky cliffs with crashing surf and tropical sunshine aplenty. You’ll stay on the Bukit Peninsula, in a beach bungalow with far-reaching sea views. Just a short walk to the famous Balangan Beach. Dig your toes in the sand and watch the surfers on the horizon in preparation for your own surfing adventure. The waves are perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers alike.

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“From the moment I first stepped off the plane, I was swept away by Indonesia’s charm and beauty- so much so, that I’ve since lost count of how many times I’ve been! It’s got beaches, cultural wonders, wildlife & warm weather. What’s not to love?”

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