Kuching - Bako National Park

Day 1

Kuching - Bako National Park

On the first morning of your Borneo adventure, you’ll be picked up at your hotel in Kuching and driven to your next destination. After a short 40 minute drive you’ll arrive at a small village of stilted houses named Kampung Bako. From here it won’t be long till you reach your final destination for today: Bako National Park. One of the first things you’ll notice when you reach the park, are the bizarre rock formations standing proudly in the surf. A boat will take you past these rock creations and within half an hour you’ll reach the mangrove forest. Although you’ll hear the skipper call out, ‘We’re almost there’, you probably won’t believe him. You won’t see anything resembling a pier or National Park at first. As the skipper slowly steers through the mangrove, you’ll finally spot the pier where your boat will dock.

When you reach the park, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by unusual tropical plants and trees. In the distance you’ll hear monkeys calls, curious about these new visitors lurking about their home. At ‘Park Headquarters’ you’ll fill out a form requiring personal details and then you’ll be treated to a cool drink and a short video about the park and its inhabitants: long tail macaques, silver leaf monkeys, bears and small species of deer. The most prominent inhabitant of the park is the world famous Proboscis monkey, which can only be found on Borneo. Comically, locals call the Proboscis monkeys ‘Dutch Monkeys’ because they believed they resembled the first Dutch who set foot on Borneo in search of herbs and spices. After the formalities and introduction to the park, you and your group, accompanied by a guide, will trek deeper into the jungle. By late afternoon you’ll find yourself at a beautiful beach; just in time to watch the fiery golden sun sink into the sea. You’ll spend the first night of your Borneo adventure in a rustic cabin at the edge of the jungle, surrounded by the sounds of the forest.

Bako National Park – Kuching

Day 2

Bako National Park – Kuching

Want to see lots and lots of wildlife including monkeys? Then wake up early on day two of your Borneo adventure, and after you’ve had your breakfast you can explore one of the park trails. The shortest trail includes a steep climb to the top of Tanjong Sapi, great for a spectacular view across the park. The most popular trail on this Borneo adventure is a sturdy 3.5km trek to Tajor waterfall. Paths can be a little slippery at times, so it is best to wear proper walking shoes if you choose to take this route through the jungle. During your trek, you will see many extraordinary trees and plants, such as the Venus Flytrap and Pitcher Plants.

At some point the trail will branch out and you’ll reach a tropical deserted beach with monkeys scurrying to find breakfast. As a picture perfect blue sea beckons, you can take a cool dip in the waters, which is just what you’ll need after the jungle’s humidity. After a swim you’ll trek back to the park headquarters through the jungle, as curious macaques keep an eye on you. After eating your lunch, you’ll then sail through the mangrove forest to the village of Kampung Bako where a bus will be waiting to take you to back to Kuching.

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