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Kuching - Batang Ai National Park

Day 1

Kuching - Batang Ai National Park

Approximately 4 hours from Kuching, you’ll find one of the more remote areas of Sarawak, the Batang Ai National Park. You’ll board a motorised wooden jungle boat to begin your adventure. During the boat ride past the overgrown jungle shores, you’ll hear the sounds of screeching monkeys and children at play while watching everyday life in the jungle unfold before you.

The Iban tribe was once feared due to their practice of ‘headhunting’. These days the Iban are peaceful people who live off the land in harmony with their neighbours. Iban traditions have been carried out with pride for centuries and they have a remarkable practice when building their homes. The Iban live in longhouses: long, one-story houses built on poles high above the banks of the river. Entire communities of up to 30 families live in these houseboats in separate quarters.

Find out more about the Iban, Batang Ai and the Nanga Sumpa Rainforest Lodge in our blog post, demonstrating how tourism can be a force for good.

staff member eating with Iban tribe in borneo

You’ll stay with the tribe in a traditional longhouse, with a mattress on the floor and a mosquito net. On entering it is customary to leave a small gift in the baskets hanging by the door in order to appease the spirits. You must always wait to be invited into a longhouse by the chief. You may experience an authentic ‘Miring Ceremony’ lead by a priest where you’ll be welcomed with a glass of local rice wine.

Guided jungle walk

Day 2

Guided jungle walk

On your second day your guide will cook you a hearty breakfast in preparation for the day ahead. You will set off to explore the area surrounding the longhouse where wild Orang-utans are occasionally spotted. Depending on the water levels, you may also travel by longtail boat. After a couple of hours of moderate trekking, you will reach a jungle camp where your hosts will cook you a tasty lunch in bamboo!

Departure to Kuching

Day 3

Departure to Kuching

On your final day with your host family you will wake up to another home cooked breakfast, before going on a short walk around the longhouse area to learn about their crops and way of life. Then you’ll say a sad goodbye to your hosts and head to Kuching, arriving late in the evening.

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