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Day 1

Chitwan National Park

Today, you’ll arrive in Sapana Village on the edge of the Royal Chitwan National Park in the morning. More than just a hotel, Sapana Village is an important employment project for the local communities. There are plans to build a library, a school and a medical post here.  Next, you’ll head into the Chitwan jungle with your guide. You’re guaranteed a very warm welcome in the local Tharu village. They’ll tell you all about their way of life in the Chitwan jungle. Together, you’ll prepare the evening meal and, as the sun sets, the fire will be lit, drums will begin to beat, and rice wine will flow. You’ll spend the night in a Chitwan jungle tower (or Machan) on the edge of the village, built by the Tharu. The stilted hut is basic but comfortable enough and you’ll soon find yourself lulled to sleep by sounds of the jungle.

Trekking tour

Day 2


You’ll make an early start this morning in order to make the most of the beautiful sunrise over the forest. In the first light of day, the mist rises and the jungle begins to wake. Before long, you’ll have a whole choir of wildlife singing a dawn chorus. This time of day is fantastic for wildlife spotting, so you’ll hike through the first and back to your lodge, where breakfast will be waiting. Afterwards, this trip comes to an end and you’ve wave Chitwan goodbye.

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“My memories of Nepal will stay with me forever; from making tasty momos with Tibetan refugees, to attending 5am prayers in a monastery. I haven’t tackled Everest (yet!), but it’s a favourite with my customers so I could be persuaded!"”

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