Kids in Nepal

Day 1

Arrival in Chitwan National Park

When you arrive in Chitwan National Park, you’ll be given a short briefing about wildlife and safety before freshening up in your bungalow and grab some lunch. You’ll stay in a lodge on the edge of the park, run in collaboration with the local Tharu. If you’re feeling adventurous you can book additional excursions on the spot such as bird watching, jeep tours, multi-day walks or cultural activities with the Tahru population.

Chitwan National Park & Departure

Days 2-3

Chitwan National Park & Departure

Chitwan National Park is incredible at dawn when the early morning light sweeps across the plains and shimmers on the rivers. At sunrise, you’ll set off on a canoe trip and guided walk through the jungle, gliding down the Rapti river in a wooden canoe. With any luck, you’ll see crocodiles sunning themselves on the shore as the sun rises. Back on dry land you’ll begin a jungle walk, hiking along narrow paths through the forest and crossing plains carpeted in tall grass. Be sure to listen for rustling in the leaves – you never know when a rhino might appear!

The next day you’ll pack things and move on to your destination.

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