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Days 1-4

Kings and Gods of the Valley

Wander between cobbled streets and scattered temples in the atmospheric medieval cities of the Kathmandu Valley, feeling utterly lost in a timeless daydream. Combining the enchanting chaos of Kathmandu with nearby Bhaktapur and Patan and get straight to the heart of mystical valley culture. Weave between fluttering prayer flags, watch monkeys scamper through temple complexes and kids play with paper kites in the cobbled streets.

Chitwan Jungle and Rhinos

Days 4-6

Chitwan Jungle and Rhinos

Set off on an adventure in search of the one-horned rhino. Glide along twisting rivers in a canoe at dawn, watching golden light flood the plains, and watch elephants gather at the shores in the early morning haze. The lush subtropical lowlands of Chitwan National Park are bursting with wildlife and adventure, so get your binoculars at the ready. Take a walking safari, sleep in a scenic bungalow and sail past crocodiles sunning themselves on the riverbank. It’s a rustic outdoor experience that will bolt your eyes wide open.

local women in jungle with a traveller in Nepal

Days 6-7

Into the Jungle with the Tharu

Sleep in a jungle tower, cook with the gentle Tharu people and learn about their way of life. This trip will give you a glimpse of real jungle living and bring you closer to the welcoming Tharu community, with their own unique language and customs. It’s a heartwarming and eye-opening experience. You’ll stay in a simple stilted hut buried in the jungle and catch a beautiful sunrise over the tropical forest.

ramkot view

Days 7-9

Hiking to Ancient Newari Villages

Take a breather from the tourist trail in a sleepy mountain village flanked by snowy peaks. Trek between forested hills and rocky cliffs, meeting the friendly locals as you walk. You’ll stay in a small hotel packed with atmosphere, wander past kids playing in the streets and lie back in the grass for a picnic complete with panoramic views. Bandipur is a brilliant place to get off the beaten path for a few peaceful days at the foot of snow-tipped Himalayan peaks. With a gentle pace and welcoming Newari people, you’ll feel at home in no time.

pokhara boat man

Days 9-11

Peaceful Pokhara

Relax in peaceful Pokhara, where snowy peaks reflect in the calm waters of the Phewa Lake, prayer flags flutter and Buddhist chants seep from every doorway. It’s a laid-back place with a fairytale feeling, dozens of ramshackle, arty cafes and an endless list of adventures in store. Take a white knuckle rafting trip, paraglide over the rippling lake or rent a boat and paddle through the tranquil waters, surrounded by the Himalayas on all sides. After a day spent exploring, stretch out in the sunshine on the shoreline and let it all sink in. Pokhara feels tinged with magic, making it very hard to leave.

Dhulikel & Nagarkot

Days 12-14

Dhulikel & Nagarkot

You’ll travel to Dhulikel, a beautifully preserved Newari town, made of traditional stone houses. The travel time here is about an hour. After Dhulikel, you’ll continue to the village of Nagarkot; the highest point in the Kathmandu Valley. This journey usually takes about 2 hours. If the weather’s clear enough, you’ll be treated to fabulous view of the mountain ranges. The village offers visitors a breathtaking panoramic view of the Himalayas. The view is simply idyllic at the end of the day when the sun slowly sets behind the horizon, casting a fiery glow in the evening sky. You’ll spend the night in a simple, cosy guest house in Nagarkot.

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If you opt for the In Style version of this itinerary, not only will we upgrade your accommodation, but also your transport in a few key places along the way. In Kathmandu you’ll stay in a hotel with several courtyards, fountains, a variety of traditional ornaments and a swimming pool. In Pokhara you’ll enjoy a in boutique-style hotel near Fewa Lake with a swimming pool. Instead of travelling by bus between cities, you’ll travel by private car and domestic flight. Of course in Chitwan and Bandipur, options are very limited, so you’ll stay in the same accommodation as our standard version.

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