Your day-by-day itinerary

A street in Kanazawa

Day 1

Arrival in Kanazawa

Today you’ll arrive in Kanazawa and check into your centrally located hotel.  Depending on what time you get settled in, you may want to take in some of the sights, otherwise, head to the Katamachi district for the evening. Here you’ll find many of the city’s best restaurants and bars, so you can grab a table, fill your belly with sushi, and watch the vibrant nightlife unfold around you.

Man walking along a stone crossing over a river set amongst some peaceful gardens

Day 2

Explore the City, and Tea Ceremony

The centre of Kanazawa is easy to explore on foot, although there is a regular shuttle bus or even bicycle rental if you prefer. Kenroku-en Castle and the perfectly manicured gardens surrounding it form the centrepiece of the city, and you’ll also have plenty of time to wander through the well-preserved Samurai and Geisha districts.

A tea ceremony in Kanazawa

During the day you’ll make your way a local teahouse for an experience which takes you right into the heart of Japanese aesthetics and tradition. We’ll arrange for you to take part in a tea ceremony with a Sado (tea art) master – you’ll never have seen tea so delicately made in your life!

In the evening you can seek out one of the great seafood restaurants, which are a speciality of this coastal city.

A majestic white castle dominating the skyline with the view of it's gardens in front of it

Day 3

Departure from Kanazawa

After breakfast this morning, it’s time to wave goodbye to Kanazawa and continue on to the next stop on your Japanese journey.

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