Your day-by-day itinerary

Let's Go Tokyo!

Days 1-3

Let's Go Tokyo!

One of the world’s truly great cities, Tokyo is a thrilling mix of the past and future, complete with incredible cuisine, neon-lit nightlife and unique pop-culture. After being picked up from the airport and transferred to your hotel near the heart of the city, you’ll have plenty of time to visit the contrasting areas which make up this unique metropolis. You’ll also take an evening tour of Shinjuku with a guide popping into a few well-chosen bars where you can have drinks and try out some delicious bar food. At the end of the tour, you’ll head to a cosy speakeasy for an expertly made nightcap, before heading back to your hotel or wherever the night takes you next……karaoke, anyone??

Landscape of Mount Fuji in Hakone, Japan

Days 3-5

At the Foot of Fuji

For the next couple of days you’ll stay in Hakone, located near the foot of the mountain and beside Ashino-ko Lake, providing a spectacular setting from which to take in the majesty of Fuji. The town is understandably popular and provides multiple tourist attractions and facilities, so we’ll provide a pass so that you can experience them at your own pace.

sight seeing ship on Hakone lake with Fuji mountain background

You’ll have plenty of options – ride the railway, take a boat trip on the lake, visit the impressive Hakone Shrine or some of the many museums – it totally up to you! There are also some great hiking trails if you feel like escaping the crowds. After a full day of exploring you can relax in one of the town’s many Onsen, and grab yourself some tasty Japanese cuisine at one of the many excellent restaurants.

The view of the Atomic Bomb dome in Hiroshima

Days 5-7

Hiroshima: Peace & Paper Cranes

Hiroshima will always be known for the events of 1945, but this once war-shattered city is now a place of love and prosperity. You’ll spend two nights here, and will find a welcoming atmosphere and thriving food scene. During your stay, you’ll take a tour of the city and can spend time in the beautiful Peace Memorial Park – a symbol of how peace now prevails.

Landscape of a Japanese temple with a big iluminated tree

Days 7-10

Uncover the Heart of Kyoto

When you think of Japan, you might imagine ancient temples, perfectly manicured zen gardens and time honoured tea ceremonies. Well, that’s Kyoto in a nutshell! During this trip you’ll spend 3 nights in this pretty city and hop aboard a bike to discover the city’s hidden backstreets. You can expect to whizz past willow lined rivers, along narrow streets and alongside traditional merchant houses.

Bright neon lights and signs in the streets of Osaka

Days 10-12

Dazzling Lights of Osaka

Osaka is a hard-working, down-to-earth neon metropolis, rich in Samurai history.  During this trip, you’ll have time to explore some of the city’s ancient temples and beautiful gardens, as well as taking in the giant skyscrapers which form Osaka’s modern landscape. In the evening you’ll be met by a local guide at your hotel, who’ll take you to Dotonburi on the subway and give you the lowdown on all the amazing options available. There’s a couple of snacks and a drink included before you’re left to go and have dinner wherever you choose.

Traditional Japanese lake and garden in Kanazawa

Days 12-14

Turrets & Temples of Kanazawa

Next, you’ll spend a couple of days in Kanazawa on Japan’s western coast, an attractive city bursting with culture and history. You’ll be staying in a centrally located hotel, and the attractions are easy to explore on foot. Largely untouched by the war, the city boasts beautifully preserved Samurai and Geisha districts, as well as one of the country’s finest gardens, all centred around the impressive Kenroku-en Castle. Its proximity to the sea has also made it a hotspot for fish and seafood dishes, so a great place to be if you’re hungry. During your time in Kanazawa, you’ll also take part in a traditional tea ceremony with a Sado Master.

Tokyo skyscrapers at night

Days 14-15

Final Night in Tokyo

As your Japanese adventure comes to an end you will spend one more night in this bustling city, take a final walk past the towering skyscrapers and tuck into some tasty sushi.

Kate with flower

Speak to our Japan specialist, Kate

"I love the retro-futuristic vibes of Tokyo, not to mention the tasty donburi! Staying in a traditional ryokan and bathing in the natural hot springs (onsen) are particular highlights for me."

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