Immerse yourself in nature

A country with a deep connection to nature and very distinctive seasons, it’s no surprise to see locals celebrate Sakura (cherry tree blossoming) which marks the beginning of spring or ‘the falling of the leaves’ that creates stunning red landscapes during autumn.

Landscape of a Japanese temple with a big iluminated tree

With 70% of Japan’s landmass covered with mountains, we recommend immersing yourself in nature on a hiking trail in Hakone to marvel at the majesty of Mount Fuji, experiencing the soothing calm of a Zen garden at the Ryoan-ji Zen temple in Kyoto or simply enjoying a picnic at Tokyo’s Ueno Park surrounded by cherry blossom trees – it’s quite picturesque!

Food on table in Hiroshima Japan

Delicious and varied foodie experiences

With a wealth of influences, styles, flavours and types, Japanese cuisine has something for everyone. Whether you’re a Katsu curry lover, obsessed with Ramen, or fascinated by conveyor belt sushi, Japan is the perfect destination to whet your travel appetite. Even the unnasuming 7-Eleven convenience stores are full of delicious snacks and affordable treats to keep you going. Why not have a read of our Japan Food Guide where we tell you all about our favourite food and drink in Japan?

Recharge and rejuvenate in volcanic hot springs

Despite its buzzing cities, Japan can be a rejuvenating holiday destination in its own unique way too. Visit the quaint town of Takayama and enjoy some peace and tranquility among the striking Japanese Alps, or relax after a day of exploring in a traditional onsen (thermal hot springs). Thanks to Japan’s volcanic grounds and mountainous landscapes, there are over 3,000 onsens to choose from. Whether you visit a modern hot spring in a city or a more traditional one that’s part of the ryokans (traditional guest houses), you’ll recharge your batteries in no time!

view of a hot spring steaming

Karaoke, sake and Geisha experiences

Japan is intriguing, very unique and also the perfect place to try something different. If you want to do something fun while you’re there we recommend singing your heart out at a local karaoke bar (easily found in towns and cities), watching a show at The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo (packed with tourists but incredibly kitsch) or have a drink (or two!) of sake at a local izakaya (especially the ones in Golden Gai in Tokyo).

Bar covered in mirrors with two men dressed up as robots

Locals sitting at a small izakaya in Tokyo drinking and eating

We also recommend visiting the Minamiza theatre in Kyoto if you want to witness the artistry of Japanese Geisha. Their performances are very popular with locals and tourists alike, and combine a mix of singing and dancing. Very sought after, Geisha are quite hard to see outside performing theatres. Highly skilled in the Japanese art of conversing, singing, literature and dancing, for Japanese people, Geisha keep ancient traditions alive. You can recognise a real Geisha by her manicured hair, flawless white make-up and striking, traditional attire.

Geisha women in Kyoto Japan

Marvel at traditional architecture

If you have an appreciation for traditional architecture, you’ll love Japan. It’s likely that in your travels you’ll find majestic castles (we love the one in Osaka) characteristic for their numerous tiers and fortress-like buildings.

Osaka Castle in Japan


In Kyoto you’ll find the popular Kinkaku-Ji or Golden Pavilion and the Buddhist temple of Ryoan-Ji, home to one of the most emblematic, manicured, Zen gardens. You’ll also see the Fushimi Inari-Taisha, a Shinto shrine situated 764 ft above sea level with a maze of hiking trails to other smaller shrines, wildlife-inspired sculptures and lush green gardens.

The Golden Temple in Japan's Ancient City of Kyoto
Golden Pavilion in Kyoto
Zen garden in Kyoto
Ryoan-ji Zen dry garden

You’ll probably also spot red Torii, or gates built as part of Shinto shrines which symbolise the transition from the mundane into the sacred world. One of the most impressive Torii is the floating one in Miyajima – the island of the gods – as part of the Itsukushima shrine. This can be easily accessed when staying in Hiroshima.

Shopping and souvenirs with a twist

Whether you’re buying something for yourself or trying to find something to bring back to your loved ones, shopping in Japan is an experience not to be missed. If you’re in Tokyo, you can visit Tokyu Hands shops where you can buy anything from bento boxes to jewellery as well as cosmetics and materials for arts & crafts.

We recommend exploring the city visiting the main shopping districts: Ginza, the more up-market district, Shibuya and its department, Harajuku the famous hive of teen fashion and pop culture, and the up-and-coming Shimo-Kitazawa, which is full of independent and more underground shops.

People walking in the streets in Tokyo

In Japan, you’ll find merchandising and plush toys about almost everything, especially at toy shops like Kiddy Land. In the neighbourhoods that surround the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo and the Nishiki fish market in Kyoto, you’ll find local artisan shops that offer ceramics, condiments and kitchenware at reasonable prices.

In most Japanese cities you’ll also find the popular shopping chain ‘Don Quijote’ where you can buy all kinds of items, from toiletries to green tea kit-kats at affordable prices, if you can bear the crowds and the queues.

Product Specialist Sophia with some green tea kitkats

Suggested Japan Bite-Sized Trips & Itineraries

Is Japan the place for your next holiday? Simply pick and choose your favourite bite-sized trips or ready-made itineraries, add them to your Travel Plan and request a quote. It’s easy. Our Travel Specialists will then put together a holiday that’s right for you. Plus you’ll have the same team for the life of your booking & support from our local partners on the ground 24/7.

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Landscape of a Japanese temple with a big iluminated tree

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cherry blossom and lanterns in kyoto


Best time to visit Japan
As with many Asian destinations, Japan can be visited year-round. Depending on the season some regions are better visited than others, so here is a handy guide.
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