Traditional food

Best described as rice plus Okazu. Okazu is a pretty general term covering almost anything from tofu to meat and even fish, all cooked in a variety of mouth-watering ways.  Keep your rice and Okazu separate though, or they might figure out that you’re not a local!


No conversation about Japanese food would be complete without talking about Sushi. Delicious rice and crispy Nori seaweed, all wrapped around a tasty filling of either fish, meat, vegetables or seafood, with a fiery dollop of wasabi on the side. There’s a type of Sushi for everyone!


The rulebreaker of traditional Japanese food, donburi is a “rice bowl dish” which has both rice and either grilled fish, some variation of meat or tofu with sauce. It’s becoming more popular worldwide, but there’s nothing quite like sampling it where it all began.


Oh for Heaven’s Sake! (Actually pronounced sakeh), this world-renowned alcoholic rice beverage (not strictly wine) is served warm or cold. It’s delicate flavours, and easy drinking makes it a perfect partner to any Japanese meal. Hic!

tea ceremony in japan


A massive part of Japanese culture is the ancient Japanese Tea Ceremony; a choreographic ritual where green tea (known as Matcha) or sencha tea is brewed in traditional teapots and bowls. In  fact, the whole process is less about the tea itself, and more about the careful preparation and aesthetics. Highly recommended if you want to take a glimpse into the past.


If you’re feeling a little more adventurous – shochu is a stronger alternative to sake and can be supped with a variety of mixers or on the rocks. Made with a combination of rice, barley, sweet potatoes, buckwheat and brown sugar, it’s thought to cause fewer hangovers compared to other liquors- but there’s only one way to find out!

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From feudal times to the the splendor of the Edo period, Japan has always been ahead of its time and endlessly fascinating.
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Our Guide to Famous Japanese Food and Drink

23rd August 2017 by James

When you think about Japanese food, the first thing that springs to mind is sushi, right? However, there's so much more than Sushi... Find out more!

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