Meet our North India partner

Over the years our North India partners have built up an enthusiastic office team with great insiders knowledge. They’ve been operating for over 30 years and have 12 staff members at their main office in Goa.

All their staff members have travelled extensively and share the same levels of knowledge, experience and expertise as ourselves. They help to ensure our trips are sustainable, authentic and, of course, fun! With thirty years of tour operating in India, they are the best people to assist you whilst travelling in North India.

North India - Meaningful Journey

Our North India partners share our meaningful travel values and focus on sustainable tourism. They try to ensure that everybody benefits from tourism, and mainly work with small, family run places that only use local staff. They also encourage heritage properties to open their homes to guests, thus ensuring they remain preserved.

They pay their staff considerably more than the legal minimum, ensuring they can live comfortable lifestyles. They also have a policy of actively encouraging and helping reliable drivers to buy their own vehicles.

Meet our South India partner

Our South India partners are based in Mamallapuram, and also have offices in Chennai and Cochin so they’re the best people to assist you whilst travelling in South India.

They have 39 members of operations staff, spread across their 3 South India offices. Our South India partner has been running for over 18 years, have a large network of contacts, and are all locals. So, they know all of the hidden gems and highlights in India and can help you get the most out of your holiday.

South India - Meaningful Journey

Our local office work closely with local merchants and vendors, and alongside their partners have contributed to scholarship and disabled day care programs for local children. They believe in honouring and enriching India, and work hard to give back to the local communities that they work in.

They also have sustainable practices in place at their offices and on their tours. They recycle all plastic and waste where possible and choose only to work with hotels that share their sustainability values.

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Meet the India Team
Our Specialists love India; the chaotic streets, the picturesque landscapes and the delicious food. They're passionate about helping you plan your perfect trip.
Meet our friendly India team

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