Your day-by-day itinerary

Authentic Starter Pack

Days 1-4

Authentic Starter Pack

Settle gently into colourful and chaotic India, a riot on the senses. Touching down amidst the commotion of Delhi can be something of a culture shock, so this trip is designed to give you a softer landing. You’ll spend one night in Central Delhi before driving on to the Pink City of Jaipur, crammed with fairy-tale palaces, historic splendour and heaving bazaars stuffed with beautiful textiles.

Tiger lying in the grass in Ranthambore National Park in India

Days 4-6

Tigers and Turrets

Search for wild tigers in a tropical jungle scattered with crumbling forts and nostalgic hideouts made for Maharajas. Ranthambore National Park is one of the best places to see wild tigers in the world. Race across untamed jungle in the twilight, keeping your eyes peeled for tigers, wild boar, sloth bears and Indian gazelles. It’s a place packed with atmosphere and natural beauty.

Crowd of people at the river edge in Pushkar India

Days 6-7

Camels and Castles - Pushkar

Soak up the romance of Rajasthan, from mystic lake palaces to desert forts as you spend five nights travelling across this legendary state. Begin by travelling to Pushkar, built around a beautiful holy lake where you’ll see pilgrims bathing and singing softly.

indian temple

Days 7-9

Local Train through the Countryside

From Pushkar you’ll head to Deogarh. Nestled in the Rajasthan countryside sits this grand Maharaja’s palace, your home for the next couple of days. This makes a refreshing change from the nearby bustling cities. Enjoy the splendour of past eras whilst taking in the grand surroundings of this former Maharaja’s palace. On the second day you’ll pass sleepy villages, ox carts, and locals, whilst travelling on a historical local train from the 1930s.

Cooking Curry in Chittogarh

Days 9-10

Cooking Curry in Chittogarh

From Deogarh, your next stop is an enchanting place on top of a mountain, known Chittorgarh Fort. You’ll be staying in a friendly hotel inside the fort walls which is home to Parvati and his family. They love good food and will to teach you how to make the tastiest curries. So roll up your sleeves and get helping in the kitchen, as you’ll be cooking a vegetarian curry for your dinner tonight.

Camels and Castles - Jodhpur, Chandelao & Udaipur

Days 10-14

Camels and Castles - Jodhpur, Chandelao & Udaipur

Next, you’ll travel to Jodhpur, also known as ‘The Blue City’ and home of the dramatic Mehrangarh Fort, one of the most impressive Mughal forts in India. Your last stop on this part of the trip is Udaipur, one of the most romantic cities in India, set around a mirror-like lake surrounded by green hills.

On the way from Jodhpur to Udaipur you’ll stop to spend the night in a remote rural fort, meet the villagers and learn about local ways. You’ll sleep in a fort dating back over 300 years – a homestay with a royal twist. Chandelao is a community initiative in the heart of Rajasthan, helping the villagers earn fair wages. You’ll also take a jeep tour to the surrounding villages, giving you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into authentic rural life.

Golden City in the Sands

Days 14-16

Golden City in the Sands

Next, you’ll cross the desert to reach the Golden City, so called due its mystical Fort which resembles a giant sandcastle. You’ll stay in a cosy authentic haveli. The following day, you’ll take a guided walk into the old town. The tangle of narrow streets is quite remarkable with beautifully carved Jain temples and five interconnected palaces. You’ll then spend another night in your haveli before continuing with your trip the next day.

India camel in front of pink fort

Days 16-20

Desert Forts and Clay Huts

Explore dust-swirled desert towns and sleep in a traditional clay hut in one of India’s most remote and mystic regions. You’ll travel from the golden fort of Jaisalmer through the vast Thar desert towards the ‘Red City’ of Bikaner. Next, you’ll move on to remote pockets of Shekhawati, a once-important region on the caravan route, filled with clusters of brightly coloured havelis.


Days 20-21


Once back in Delhi the afternoon is free to spend as you wish. You’ll be located in the Karol Bagh district and there is a lot to see in the area on foot. You can head out and buy some souvenirs to take home, or you can use the metro station to explore a little further out.

Travel specialist Kate at Taj Mahal, India

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“After three unforgettable trips, I can’t wait to plan my next India holiday- there’s always somewhere new and exciting to explore! For me, nothing beats the delicious food and the colourful festivals.”

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