Authentic Starter Pack

Days 1-4

Authentic Starter Pack

Settle gently into colourful and chaotic India, a riot on the senses. Touching down amidst the commotion of Delhi can be something of a culture shock, so this trip is designed to give you a softer landing. You’ll spend one night in Central Delhi before driving on to the Pink City of Jaipur, crammed with fairy-tale palaces, historic splendour and heaving bazaars stuffed with beautiful textiles.

Sunrise at the Taj Mahal

Days 4-7

Sunrise at the Taj Mahal

Visit mystical monkey temples and ghost cities en route to sunrise at the Taj Mahal. A real wonder of the world, it’s a building that will take your breath away. India’s Golden Triangle is the stuff of legend, with the ethereal Taj Mahal at its pinnacle. This trip will take you from the Pink City of Jaipur to Agra, where you’ll watch dawn break over the Taj Mahal.


Temple at Amritsar in India

Days 7-12

The Sikh and the Monk

Gaze at the glistening Golden Temple, watch a bizarre border ceremony and listen to monks chant in the Himalayan foothills, filled with fluttering prayer flags. This spiritual trip will take you from eye-opening Amritsar into India’s ‘Little Tibet’, a Buddhist nook between forested peaks that the Dalai Lama calls home. First, you’ll visit the Golden Temple, the holy centre of the Sikh religion. Standing in the Pool of Nectar, you’ll see pilgrims file into the temple while ceaseless, gentle chanting echoes all around you. You’ll also swing by the surreal and flamboyant border ceremony between India and Pakistan, before heading into the Himalayas for some fresh air and hilltop meditation.

India's Little Tibet

Days 12-17

India's Little Tibet

Explore a gentle mountain world of fluttering prayer flags and snowy peaks. Cross high Himalayan passes, meet red-robed monks and soak up the staggering views. Travelling from Manali to Leh, you’ll journey through deep valleys and lonely plains, stopping at secluded villages and sipping masala chai. Leaving behind the cosy teahouses and natural hot springs of Manali, you’ll pass through an empty world flanked by zig-zagging mountain peaks. Travelling by private car, you can stop as often as you like to stretch your legs or take a few snaps. You’ll sleep in simple guesthouses and meet the locals on the way to Leh, where you’ll spend a day hopping between colourful monasteries.

Local woman knitting in colourful clothing in Leh India

Days 17-22

STOP SELL: Himalayan Homestay

Trek between snowy peaks, visit monasteries clinging to the cliffs and stay at home with the locals. You’ll learn about daily life in the remote reaches of Ladakh, hidden high in the Himalayas. Descend into green valleys, cross desolate plains and visit monasteries hidden amongst moon-like rocks. Ladakh means ‘land of high mountain passes’ and the description couldn’t be more apt. Beautiful, bizarre and empty, it’s somewhere steeped in spiritual mystery. Looping through the Himalayas from Leh, you’ll stay will a local family, taste home cooked meals and sip on cinnamon-rich chai. It’s a unique, authentic adventure.

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Journey to Little Tibet
Journey to Little Tibet
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