Your day-by-day itinerary

Shanghai - Putuoshan

Days 1-2

Shanghai - Putuoshan

On the first day, you’ll grab an early breakfast before your transfer to the bus station in Shanghai where you’ll catch the public bus to Luchao. From here, you’ll take the boat over to Putuoshan Island. When you arrive, you’ll make your way to your comfortable hotel and get settled in before starting to explore the island.

Putuoshan - Free time

Day 2

Putuoshan - Free time

You’ll spend two nights on Putuoshan and your time is completely your own. It’s a tiny island that is brilliant to explore on foot and you can walk around the entire coastline in just over two hours. In the late afternoon we recommend heading to the statue of Guayin which looks beautiful against the setting sun.

The island is steeped in a spiritual atmosphere. Wander past the carved rooftops and arches mirrored in the ponds of Puji temple, explore the pagodas and visit Fayuchan Temple. Perched atop a mountain, it’s a pilgrimage site and you’ll see worshippers kneeling and bowing all along the steps.

Departure from Putuoshan

Day 3

Departure from Putuoshan

On Day 3 you’ll wave goodbye to Putuoshan and begin the journey back to Shanghai, taking the boat back over to the mainland. You’ll arrive in Shanghai at around 6pm and continue your China adventure.

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