Your day-by-day itinerary

A Taste of Thimphu

Days 1-2

A Taste of Thimphu

Today you’ll travel to your comfortable hotel in Thimphu. Your hotel is right in the heart of the city, walking distance from souvenir shops, bars and cafes. Thimphu is an interesting city which encapsulates Bhutan’s juxtapositions of old and new and reputedly the only capital city without traffic lights. In the evening you’ll head out to a local restaurant to enjoy a traditional dinner.

Black-necked cranes in colourful Phobjika Valley in Central Bhutan

Days 2-3

Swooping Cranes in Sweeping Valleys

You’ll visit one of the most beautiful valleys in the whole of the Himalayas, home to the black-necked crane, Phobjikha Valley. You’ll stay in a charming hotel on the edge of the valley. Whilst here you’ll visit a large monastery which offers beautiful views of the valley and take a trip to the Crane Centre for information on the long-legged birds.

Uncover the Legends of Bumthang

Days 3-6

Uncover the Legends of Bumthang

Bumthang is the cultural and spiritual heartland of Bhutan. The journey takes around three hours, but you’ll travel along some of Bhutan’s most scenic passes, covered in prayer flags fluttering in the wind. During your stay in Bumthang you can set your own pace. Just a short drive from your hotel is the Red Panda Brewery; definitely worth a visit if you’re into your white beer.


There are many interesting monasteries and festivals in the region that are well worth a visit, so have a chat with your guide to see what’s going on during your stay. You can also take a trip to Burning Lake, a sacred part of the mountain river and a beautiful spot to relax. This region is also ideal for day hikes during which you can visit numerous remote temples. On the last day of your stay you’ll drive to the Ura Valley, one of the most unusual villages in Bhutan.

Footsteps through Forests & Mountains

Days 6-12

Footsteps through Forests & Mountains

In this newly developed 7-day trek, you’ll get off the beaten path and explore the remote eastern Bhutan region of Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary. You’ll start in the village of Chaling before ending near the regional weaving village of Radhi. Trek through villages, forests and mountains whilst taking a pit stop at different campsites for the night.

Group of people smiling whilst trekking through Bhutan

The Sakteng wildlife sanctuary is an unspoilt and delicate ecosystem covering 750km2, established specifically to look after the legendary Yeti. It’s home to snow leopards, red pandas, red foxes and the Himalayan black bear. Likewise, the region is native to the semi-nomadic Brokpa people – one of the Himalayas most interesting ethnic groups, who you’ll have the opportunity to visit for a day, discovering their lifestyle and unique culture. This trek will allow you to experience a totally different side of Bhutan to most visitors.

Through the Foothills to India

Days 12-14

Through the Foothills to India

After a night of relaxation after your long trek, you’ll get to explore the city of Trashigang. Here you’ll find the Trashigang Dzong and numerous bars and restaurants. You’ll take a day trip to Trashi Yangtze, where you’ll take a stop off at the Gom Kora, before finding the Chorten Kora and have a go at making your own Bhutanese wood carving after a traditional lunch.

Back in your car, you’ll follow the rushing glacial waters down the mountains to the south. After one last outdoor picnic, you’ll begin to feel the temperature starting to rise and the traffic slowly increasing. You’ll see and feel that you are close to the heat, noise and colours of India. You’ll stay one night in Samdrup Jongkhar, then cross the border into India the next day.

Speak to our Bhutan specialist, Kate

“Bhutan felt like a fairy-tale to me; a land where the locals wear traditional dress and archery is practiced against a backdrop of green valleys and blue skies. Visit this country, and you’ll soon believe in legends.”

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