Who are they?

Since 1998, our local partner in Morocco has been organising holidays for people all over the world and providing full ground support and service for people like you. They have a dynamic and competent team who support all your needs from arrival to departure with the best assistance possible.

Their aim is to reduce any possible negative environmental or social impact from their tourism activities and improve participation in the local economy by giving preference to local goods, services and using locally owned accommodation.

Meaningful Journey

Our partners, just like us, are fully committed to integrating its sustainability policy into the strategy of the company. They share this vision with their travellers and suppliers. Their sustainability principles are set to ensure all their activities are conducted responsibly with no negative effects; to sensitise their supply chain and work with partners on sustainability; and use accommodation which has international sustainability certification or, if not available, give preference to accommodation providers that are committed to improving their sustainability performance.


Family holidays in Morocco
Morocco is a perfect family holiday destination, with self-drive itineraries and plenty of adventures to enjoy by travellers of all ages.
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