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Taking the Night Bus in Argentina | Buenos Aires to Bariloche

by Ceri Jones on February 24, 2012

Getting around on buses on your holiday in Argentina is easy so long as you have plenty of time. A short overnight bus trip would be 13 hours whilst a longer one will take 20 hours plus. It is a cheap and easy way of getting from A to B, as long as you don’t mind the odd bit of snoring… below is a description of a bus journey I took from Buenos Aires to Bariloche on my Argentina holiday.

Holidays in Argentina- Comfortable reclining seats

Comfortable seats for snoozing on your trip

Buses in Argentina tend to be double-decker, and have big comfortable reclining seats, usually 3 seats wide instead of 4 so you get a good amount of space to stretch out. They recline right back to an almost laying down flat position with a foot rest (perfect for snoozing). Pillows and blankets are given out and there are toilets on board.

Meals and refreshments are served regularly and we were served a four course hot meal with wine that beats any plane food I’ve ever had, plus we were given a night-cap of whiskey before lights out.

Holidays in Argentina- Food on the bus trip

Enjoy a four course meal..with wine


Admittedly I was a little concerned about the choice of late night movie “Insomnia” which luckily did not prove itself to be a bad omen. The benefit of travelling by bus on your Argentina holiday is that you get a more accurate sense of the sheer enormity of the country and some great views also.

When you finally arrive and check how far you have come on the map you can hardly believe it! On your Argentina tour you will sometimes find that the only way to reach certain destinations is to use internal flights as they are not suitable to reach by road, so I would recommend mixing up your transport options and including at least one bus journey, as I found it a comfortable and memorable experience.

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